September 2015

Saturday September 12, 2015
             5:00 p.m.  
Proclaimer: S. Gidley
E.M.:N.Sumpter, D.Franz,T.Greer
A.S: H & I Lemler
Greeters: The Paul Stearns Family

Sunday September 13, 2015
             7:30 am  
Proclaimer: M. Chippas
E.M.: V.Thomas,D.Sikorski,R.Sikorski
A.S: K & A Schmalzried
Greeters:Ken Roush
             9:30 am
Proclaimer: D. Franz
A.S:  Ma Magee, M Magee
Greeters: J. Horvath
             11:30 am  
Proclaimer: K. McDermott
A.S: J & K Driebelbis
Greeters:Dorothy Kraft

Saturday September 19, 2015
                5:00 pm  
Proclaimer: M. Johns
E.M.:T.Campbell,S.Gidley, C.Meredith
A.S: E. Richards, E. Houin
Greeters: S. Gidley
Sunday September 20, 2015
                7:30 am
Proclaimer: R. Loew
E.M.:I.Elizondo,B.Hampton, J.Loew
A.S. M. Schmalzried , L. Faulstich
Greeters: K. Szczepkowski

Proclaimer Note:  Remain seated until
our Celebrant is seated and congregation
is settled before approaching altar for
first reading.   After Psalm remain seated
until Cantor has been seated for at least
20-30 seconds.  
           9:30 am
Proclaimer:  J. Hostetler
E.M.:D.Chaney, B.Kolter,M.Sumpter
A.S: A & T Dolan
Greeters: Cassie Feece
             11:30 am  
Proclaimer: C. Olivarez
A.S:  H & I Lemler
Greeters: J. Lemler

Saturday September 26, 2015
              5:00 pm
Proclaimer: T. Greer
E.M.: J.Hollett, F.Hollett, R.Girres
A.S.  E. Nunez, E Houin
Greeters: Gwen & David Scheetz
Sunday September 27, 2015
              7:30 am  
Proclaimer: M. Chippas
E.M.:K Roush, C.Lopez, S.Lopez
A.S:  Kas & Kor Kopetski
Greeters: C. Lopez, S. Lopez
             9:30 am
Proclaimer:  J. Davis
A.S:  L & A Vervynckt
Greeters: Richard Fox
             11:30 am
Proclaimer:  C. Morrow
E.M.:J.Laverdiere, M.A.Laverdiere, JR Burger
A.S:  O Wendel, K Haas
Greeters: K. Szczepkowski

Saturday October 3, 2015  
Proclaimer: S. Gidley
E.M.: M.Sumpter, T.Campbell,T.Greer
A.S: E. Richards, A Vervynckt
Greeters:S. Gidley

Sunday October 4, 2015
         7:30 am
Proclaimer:  Mike Chippas
A.S: K& A Schmalzried
Greeters:Ken Roush
          9:30 am  
Proclaimer: C. Master
E.M.:A.Lemler, B.Lowry, M.Schafer
A.S: K. Kopetski, J. Nuygen
Greeters:Jim & Mary Smith
         11:30 am  
Proclaimer: M. Fortin
E.M.:R.Sikorski, D.Sikorski,J.Corsbie
A.S Kl & Ka Verhaeghe
Greeters: Bill Fortin

Remember: It is your responsibility to find a replacement, if you are unable to make your Mass assignment(s). The schedule is completed in the 3rd week of the previous month. Please request block out dates before then.
For your convenience, hand sanitizer is found through either door of the sanctuary.
For more information contact your scheduler:
Eucharistic Ministers –
Donna Chaney,
Proclaimers –
Madeline Johns,
Hospitality Ministers –
Maria Figueroa,

Alter Servers-
Chastity Keller,
* Altar Servers if at Saturday Mass please consider Volunteering to serve if no other servers are there.
Proclaimers: Please wait until the Celebrant is seated before approaching the altar for 1st reading.  Please do not approach ambo for 2nd
Reading until the Cantor has been seated for
20 – 30 seconds.                           Thank you.       This follows Diocesan Guidelines.
All Ministers –  If possible, please let us know before scheduling for the holiday weekends if you are unavailable to serve.