February 2019

Saturday February 2, 2019
Proclaimer: H. Lemler
EMHC: Nancy Sumpter, Teresa Campbell,
          Tess Greer
A.S.: E. Lemler, A. Lemler, L. Lemler
Greeters:Barb Wiscons

Sunday February 3, 2019
Proclaimer:Mike Chippas
EMHC: Sara Lopez, Norma Rodriguez,
           Jason Faulstich
A.S.: L. Faulstich, A. Faulstich, K. Golba
Greeters: Sara Lopez
Proclaimer: Jack Davis
EMHC: Mary Kay Davis, Brian Hampton,
           Carolyn Meredith
A.S.: T. Fortin, N. Smitha, B. Smitha
Greeters:   Mary Smith
Proclaimer: Joella Carll
EMHC: Jane Horvath, Lawrence Houin
A.S.: S. Cantero,, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters: Jane Horvath

Saturday February 9, 2019
             5:00 pm
Proclaimer: M. Johns
EMHC:Shirley Gidley, Eileen Feece, Mike Sumpter
A.S: O. Ousnamer, E. Richards, J. Chaney
Greeters:Shirley GIdley

Sunday February 10, 2019
             7:30 am
Proclaimer: A. Lemler
EMHC:Irma Elizondo, Vicki Thomas, Ed Rodriguez
A.S: A. Schmalzried, J. Schmalzried
Greeters:Ken Roush  
              9:30 am
Proclaimer: D. Chaney
EMHC: Donna Sikorski, Joella Carll,
                Laura Vervynckt
A.S: G Kruyer, C. Lewandowski, M. Lewandowski
Greeters:Chris Biggs
            11:30 am
Proclaimer: Cayetano Olivarez
EMHC:Jean Laverdiere,
           Mary Anne Laverdiere
A.S: B. Krumrie, B. Rader
Greeters:Scott Hall

Saturday February 16, 2019
              5:00 pm
Proclaimer: Shirley Gidley
EMHC: Mike Sumpter, Tess Greer,
                    Nancy Sumpter
A.S.: A. Blake, E. Houin
Greeters:Alice & Vicki Hite

Sunday February 17, 2019
              7:30 am
Proclaimer: Ed Rodriguez
EMHC:Adam Lemler, Jason Faulstich,
                        Sara Lopez
A.S: L. Faulstich, A. Faulstich, K. Golba
Greeters:Sara Lopez
              9:30 am
Proclaimer: J. Hostetler
EMHC:Joni Corsbie, Jared Weidner,
                    Cassie Feece
A.S: L. Payne, A. Oviedo, A. Vervynckt
Greeter:Cassie Feece
             11:30 am
Proclaimer:  D. Franz
EMHC: Brian Wray, Lawrence Houin
A.S: B. Loyd, M. Pask, A. Lloyd
Greeters:Carla Flores

Saturday  February 23, 2019
Proclaimer: T. Greer
EMHC: Fred Hollett, Jane Horvath,
                  Ray Girres
A.S.: E. Lemler, A. Lemler, I. Lemler
Greeters:The Paul Stearns


Sunday  February 24, 2019
Proclaimer: M. Chippas
EMHC: Vicki Thomas, Norma Rodriguez,
                         Brad Kolter
A.S.: A. Schmalzried, J. Schmalzried
Proclaimer: C. Feece
EMHC:Chris Morrow, Eileen Feece,
                   Donna Chaney
A.S.: L. Kopetski, K. Kopetski, M. Thangam
Greeters:Judy Lemler  
Proclaimer: JR Burger
EMHC: Dan Franz, Jean Laverdiere
A.S.: S. Cantero, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters:Scott Hall

Saturday March 2,  2019
                5:00 pm
Proclaimer: C. Master
EMHC:Teresa Campbell, Shirley Gidley,
                    Mike Sumpter
A.S: O. Ousnamer, E. Richards, J. Chaney
Greeters:Barb Wiscons

Sunday March 3, 2019
                7:30 am
Proclaimer: E. Rodriguez
EMHC: Sara Lopez, Ray Girres,
                  Norma Rodriguez
A.S: L. Faulstich, A. Faulstich, K. Golba
Greeters:Ken Roush
               9:30 am
Proclaimer:  Chris Morrow
EMHC: Donna Sikorski, Ron Sikorski,
                   Mary Kay Davis
A.S: D. Nguyen, J. Nguyen, J. Nguyen
Greeters:Mary Smith
             11:30 am
Proclaimer: Jessika Cautlacautl
EMHC: JR Burger, Lawrence Houin
A.S: B. Krumrie, B. Rader
Greeters:Carla Flores

Ash Wednesday March 6, 2019
            7:00 am
Proclaimer: tba
A.S: volunteers
     8:30 am
Proclaimer: School Children
E.M.: Donna Chaney, Joella Carll
A.S: school children
                       12:30 pm
Proclaimer: tba
E.M.: Jane Horvath, Nancy Sumpter
A.S: school children
5:30 pm
Proclaimer: M. Johns
E.M.:Ray Girres, Cassie Feece,
                Eileen Feece
A.S: volunteers


Spring Break: Let us know if you will be out of town the weekends of spring vacation.

Let your scheduler know when you have completed your yearly commitment. Names of active Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion need to be turned into the diocese approximately
June 9, 2019.  The Alpha Program and Diocesan Retreats qualify as commitments.

Easter Sunday is on April 16th.  Let us know if you are unable to serve during the Easter season.  Thank you for your dedication to your ministry.

Remember: It is your responsibility to find a replacement, if you are unable to make your Mass assignment(s). The schedule is completed 3-4 weeks before the 1st of the month. Please request block out dates before then.

For your convenience, hand sanitizer is found through either door of the sanctuary.
A friendly reminder Regarding Blessings during the Distribution of Holy Communion: simply say,
"May God bless you.", or "May the peace of Christ be with you." or "Receive Jesus into your heart."  

For more information contact your scheduler:
Proclaimers –Madeline Johns, madmaddyj@embarqmail.com
Eucharistic Ministers -Donna Chaney, dchaney25@hotmail.com
Altar Servers-Andrea Schmalzried, schmalzried@yahoo.com
Greeters/Hospitality Ministers –Maria Figueroa, secretarymf06@gmail.com