August 2017 Ministry Schedule

Saturday August 5, 2017      
            5:00 pm  
Proclaimer: D. Franz
E.M.:T.Greer, C.Meredith, N.Sumpter
A.S: E.Lemler, A.Lemler, I.Lemler
Greeters: B.Wiscons

Sunday August 6, 2017  
                7:30 am
Proclaimer:  E.Rodriguez
E.M.: S.Lopez, C.Lopez, R.Girres
A.S: A. Schmalzried, K.Schmalzried
Greeters: C.&S. Lopez
               9:30 am
Proclaimer: J. Hostetler
E.M.: A.Lemler, C.Morrow, MK Davis
A.S: L.Payne, G.Kruyer, E.Kruyer
Greeters: Mary Smith
             11:30 am  
Proclaimer: C.Olivarez
 E.M.:J.Laverdiere, M.Laverdiere, L.Vervynckt
A.S:  B.Krumrie, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters: Carla Flores

Saturday August 12, 2017
             5:00 pm   
Proclaimer: T. Greer
E.M.: T.Campbell, JR Burger, E.Feece
A.S: A. Schmalzried, E. Houin
Greeters:Gwen & David Scheetz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sunday August 13, 2017
             7:30 am  
Proclaimer: M. Chippas
E.M.: I. Elizondo, S.Gidley, V.Thomas
A.S: L. Faulstich, J. Schmalzried
Greeters:S. Gidley

Saturday August 26, 2017
                5:00 pm  
Proclaimer: S. Gidley
E.M.: N.Sumpter, A.Ruiz, J.Horvath
A.S: E. Richards, A. Lemler
Greeters:Jane Horvath

Sunday August  27, 2017  
                7:30 am
Proclaimer: Mike Chippas
E.M.: V.Thomas, E.Rodriguez, N.Rodriguez
A.S: L. Faulstich, J. Schmalzried
Greeters:K. Roush
               9:30 am
Proclaimer: J. Davis
E.M.: A.Lemler, MK.Davis, C.Feece
A.S: J. Nguyen, J. Nguyen
Greeters:Mary Smith
             11:30 am  
Proclaimer: J. Caultacault
  E.M.:B.Wray, L.Vervynckt, JR.Burger
A.S: B. Rader, M. Rader
Greeters:Carla Flores

               9:30 am
Proclaimer:  D. Chaney
E.M.: J.Weidner, D.Franz, B.Lowry
A.S: A. Oviedo, T. Fortin, J. Dreibelbis
Greeters:Judy Lemler
             11:30 am  
Proclaimer: M. Fortin
E.M.:A.Ruiz, J.LaVerdierie, M.LaVeredierie
A.S: B. Rader, M. Rader
Greeter: Carla Flores

Saturday August 19, 2017
              5:00 pm
Proclaimer: M. Johns
E.M.: M.Sumpter, T.Greer, R.Girres
A.S. G. Ousnamer, A. Blake
Greeters:Alice & Vicki Hite   
Sunday August  20, 2017
              7:30 am  
Proclaimer: E. Rodriguez
E.M.: C.Lopez, S.Lopez, B.Kolter
A.S: A. Schmalzried, K. Schmalzried
Greeters:C. & S. Lopez
             9:30 am
Proclaimer: R. Loew
E.M.:D.Chaney, J.Loew, J.Corsbie
A.S: H. Troyer, L. Kopetski
Greeters:Chris Biggs
             11:30 am
Proclaimer: M. Fortin
E.M.:R.Sikorski, D.Sikorski, L.Houin
A.S: B. Krumrie, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters:  Carla Flores

Saturday September 2, 2017 Blueberry
                5:00 pm  
Proclaimer: M. Johns
E.M.: F.Hollett, T.Greer, M.Sumpter
A.S: I. Lemler, E. Lemler
Greeters:Sharon Yambrick

Sunday September 3, 2017 Blueberry  
                7:30 am
Proclaimer: E. Rodriguez
E.M.: C.Lopez, S.Lopez, R.Girres
A.S: A. Schmalzried, K. Schmalzried
Greeters:Shirley Gidley
               9:30 am
Proclaimer: C. Feece
E.M.: C.Meredith, A.Lemler, E.Feece
A.S: C. Lewandowski, M. Lewandowski, A. Vervynckt
Greeters:Gayton & Savona
             11:30 am  
Proclaimer: L. Vervynckt
  E.M.: M.Schafer, J.LaVerdierie, M.LaVerdierie
A.S: B. Krumrie, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters: Carla Flores

For more information contact your scheduler:

Eucharistic Ministers –
Donna Chaney,

Proclaimers –
Madeline Johns,

Hospitality Ministers –
Maria Figueroa,

Altar Servers-
Andrea Schmalzried,




Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will now process into church before mass with the Celebrant. The order of procession is: Servers, EMHC, Proclaimer, Celebrant.  If the necessary number of EMHC do not process in, please volunteer to serve at Communion time.    

Summer Time Fashions are usually directed to keeping us cool in the warm weather. Please consider if your choice of fashion when serving your ministry is too casual or revealing, including shorts and tops.  If so, please do not serve the congregation as you should be a finely decorated table for serving our Lord.

Proclaimer Note:  I have spoken with Father John
and Kathy Girres regarding having our Book
of Gospels (year A,B, and C) and Lectionaries
(year A,B, and C) repaired if necessary.  This
will need to be done professionally, and may
take some time, as the books are leather bound.
Thank you - Madeline