December 2015


Sunday December 13, 2015
Proclaimer: S. Gidley
E.M.:I.Elizono, K.Roush, V.Thomas
A.S: Kas & Kor Kopetski
Greeters:S. Gidley
Proclaimer: J. Davis
E.M.:D.Chaney,B.Hampton, MK.Davis  
A.S: J. Nuygen, K. Kopetski
Greeters:Judy Lemler
Proclaimer:  C. Olivarez
E.M.:M.LaVerdierie, J.LaVerdierie,L.Houin
A.S:  B & C Raymond
Greeters:Sharie Raymond

Saturday December 19, 2015
Proclaimer: T. Greer
E.M.:R.Girres,M.Sumpter, S.Gidley
A.S. E. Houin , E. Nunez
Greeters: The Paul Stearns Family

Christmas Day December 25, 2015
Proclaimer: J. Hostetler
A.S:  3- Schmalzried Family
Greeters: K. Roush
Proclaimer: C. Olivarez
E.M.:J.Corsbie, M.Schafer,B.Hampton
A.S:  K. Haas, B. Schafer
Greeters:Mary Smith

Saturday December 26, 2015
Proclaimer: S. Gidley
A.S:  A & L Vervynckt
Greeters:S. Gidley

Sunday December 27, 2015
E.M.: C.Meredith,C.Lopez, S.Lopez
A.S: L. Faulstich, M. Schmalzried
Greeters:C. and S. Lopez
Proclaimer: D Franz
E.M.:B.Kolter, B.Hampton,L.Houin
A.S:  K. Beckman, J. Chamberlin
Greeters:C. Briggs
Proclaimer:L. Vervynckt
A.S: M. Rader, C. Holiday
Greeters:D. Kraft & R. Wozniak

Remember: It is your responsibility to find a replacement, if you are unable to make your Mass assignment(s). The schedule is completed 3-4 weeks before the 1st of the month. Please request block out dates before then.

Sunday December 20, 2015
Proclaimer: M. Johns
E.M.:C.Lopez, S.Lopez, B.Kolter
A.S:  2- Schmalzried
Greeters:C. and s. Lopez
Proclaimer: J. Hostetler
E.M.: L.Vervynckt,D.Sikorski, R.Sikorski
A.S:  A & T Dolan
Greeters:Richard Fox
Proclaimer:  J. Carll
E.M.:A.Ruiz,J.Horvath, JR.Burger
A.S:  Kl & Ka Verhaeghe
Greeters: J. Horvath

Christmas Eve December 24, 2015
Proclaimer: TBA Student
A.S: E. Houin, Kam Kopetski, L. Faulstich
Greeters:Cassie Feece

Midnight Mass: 11:30pm
Proclaimer: R. Loew
E.M. A.Lemler,M.Sumpter,J.Loew
A.S: 3- Lemler Family
Greeters: Volunteer

New Year's Eve December 31, 2015
Proclaimer: M. Fortin
E.M.:A.Ruiz, J.Laverdiere, M.Laverdiere
Greeters:B. Fortin

New Year's Day January 1, 2016
Proclaimer: T. Greer
E.M.: JR.Burger, L.Mansfield, J.Corsbie
A.S: Ma & M Magee
Greeters:Betty Houin
Saturday January 2, 2016
Proclaimer: J. Hostetler
E.M.:M.Sumpter,S.Gidley ,T.Campbell
A.S: E. Houin, E. Nunez
Greeters:A. & V. Hite

Sunday January 3, 2016
Proclaimer: S. Gidley
E.M.:C.Lopez, S.Lopez, R.Girres
A.S: K & A Schmalzried
Greeters:S. Gidley
Proclaimer: M. Johns
E.M.: D.Franz, A.Lemler, J.Horvath
A.S: 2- Lemler Family
Greeters:Judy Lemler
Proclaimer:  J. Davis
A.S: B. Schafer, A. Vervynckt
Greeters: Kathy Szczepkowski


For your convenience, hand sanitizer is found through either door of the sanctuary.
For more information contact your scheduler:
Schedules can be found
Eucharistic Ministers –
Donna Chaney,
Proclaimers –
Madeline Johns,
Greeters –
Maria Figueroa,
Altar Servers-
Chastity Keller, only
* Altar Servers: if at any Mass please consider Volunteering to serve if no other servers are there.
* All Ministers: Consider volunteering if a scheduled minister is not present.  Note: Before proclaiming at Saturday or Sunday masses you must attend a Proclaimer
Workshop per diocesan guidelines.  

Proclaimers: Please wait until the Celebrant is seated before approaching the altar for 1st reading.  Please do not approach ambo for 2nd reading until the Cantor has been seated for 20 – 30 seconds.
Thank you.