January 2019 Ministry Schedule

Saturday  January 5, 2019
                5:00 pm
Proclaimer: Chad Master
E.M:Nancy Sumpter, Teresa Campbell, Tess Greer
A.S: A. Blake, E. Houin
Greeters:Alice & Vicki Hite

Sunday  January 6, 2019
                7:30 am
Proclaimer: Ed Rodriguez
E.M.:Norma Rodriguez, Sara Lopez, Jason Faulstich
A.S: L. Faulstich, A. Faulstich, K. Golba
Greeters:Sara Lopez
               9:30 am
Proclaimer: Donna Chaney
E.M.:Carolyn Meredith, Brian Hampton, Joella Carll
A.S: G. Kruyer, C. Lewandowski, M. Lewandowski
Greeters:Richard Fox
             11:30 am
Proclaimer: Cookie Olivarez
E.M.:Lawrence Houin, Jane Horvath
A.S: B. Rader, B. Krumrie

Saturday January 12, 2019
             5:00 pm
Proclaimer: Shirley Gidley
EMHC: Tess Greer, JR Burger, Brad Kolter
A.S: E. Lemler, A. Lemler, I. Lemler
Greeters:Shirley Gidley

Sunday January 13, 2019
            7:30 am
Proclaimer: Mike Chippas
EMHC: Irma Elizondo, Ray Girres, Vicki Thomas
A.S: A. Schmalzried, J. Schmalzried
Greeters:Ken Roush
              9:30 am
Proclaimer: Jeff Hostetler
EMHC: Joachim Loew, Donna Sikorski, Chris Morrow
A.S: L. Payne, A. Olviedo, A. Vervynckt
Greeters: Emily Hutsell
           11:30 am
Proclaimer:  Dan Franz
EMHC:Jean Laverdiere, Marianne Laverdiere
A.S: S. Cantero, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters:Scott Hall

Saturday    January 19, 2019
              5:00 pm
Proclaimer: Tess Greer
EMHC: Shirley Gidley, Nancy Sumpter, Carolyn Meredith
A.S.: O. Ousnamer, E. Richards, J. Chaney
Greeters:Alice & Vicki Hite

Sunday     January 20, 2019
             7:30 am
Proclaimer: Adam Lemler
EMHC:Jason Faulstich, Sara Lopez, Irma Elizondo
A.S: L. Faulstich, A. Faulstich, K. Golba
Greeters:Sara Lopez
              9:30 am
Proclaimer:  Curt Feece
EMHC:Jared Weidner, Eileen Feece, Joni Corsbie
A.S: L. Kopetski, K. Kopetski, M Thangam
Greeters:Judy Lemler
             11:30 am
Proclaimer: Laura Vervynckt
EMHC: Brian Wray, Lawrence Houin
A.S: B. Lloyd, M. Pask, A. Lloyd
Greeters:Carla Flores

Saturday      January 26, 2019
              5:00 pm
Proclaimer: Madeline Johns
EMHC:Fred Hollett, Jane Horvath, JR Burger
A.S.: A. Blake, E. Houin
Greeters:Jane Horvath

Sunday       January 27, 2019
                7:30 am
Proclaimer: Ed Rodriguez
EMHC:Norma Rodriguez, Vicki Thomas, Ray Girres
A.S: A. Schmalzried, J. Schmalzried
          9:30 am
Proclaimer:  Chris Morrow
EMHC: Adam Lemler, Mary Kay Davis, Cassie Feece
A.S: D. Nguyen, J. Nguyen. J.Nguyen
Greeters:Cassie Feece
             11:30 am
Proclaimer: Cookie Olivarez
EMHC: Jean Laverdiere, Marianne Laverdiere
A.S: B. Krumrie, B. Rader
Greeters:Scott Hall

Saturday   February 2, 2019
Proclaimer: Helen Lemler
EMHC: Nancy Sumpter, Tesera Campbell, Tess Greer
A.S.: E. Lemler, A. Lemler, I. Lemler
Greeters:Barb Wiscons

Sunday    February 3, 2019
Proclaimer: Mike Chippas
EMHC: Norma Rodriguez, Sara Lopez, Jason Faulstich
A.S.: L. Faulstich, A. Faulstich, K. Golba
Greeters:Sara Lopez
Proclaimer: Jack Davis
EMHC:Mary Kay Davis, Brian Hampton, Carolyn Meredith
A.S.: B. Smitha, N. Smitha, T. Fortin
Greeters:Mary Smith
Proclaimer: Joella Carll
EMHC: Lawrence Houin, Jane Horvath
A.S.: S. Cantero, K. Verhaeghe
Greeters:Jane Horvath

        Happy New Year!!!

Some important dates to mark:
Ash Wednesday - March 6th

Holy Thursday - April 18th
Good Friday - April 19th
Holy Saturday - April 20th

Easter - April 21st

Let your scheduler know early if you are unable to serve in upcoming months.

EMHC: Reminder that you are obligated to complete a day of reflection.  I encourage to participate in a group series like Alpha, Rekindle the Fire, a Lindenwood retreat, etc. as much insight is gained when you participate in a retreat with others.

This ministry is in need of volunteers to serve at funeral masses.  Let Madeline or Donna know if you are willing to be called upon.

Eucharistic Ministers –
Donna Chaney, dchaney25@hotmail.com

Proclaimers –
Madeline Johns, madmaddyj@embarqmail.com

Greeters –
Maria Figueroa, secretarymf06@gmail.com

Altar Servers-
Andrea Schmalzried, ashmalzried@yahoo.com