June 2016

Saturday June 11, 2016  

           5:00 pm  

Proclaimer: S. Gidley

E.M.:N.Sumpter, R.Girres, J.Horvath

A.S: H. Lemler, I. Lemler

Greeters:J. Horvath

Sunday June 12, 2016

          7:30 am

Proclaimer: E. Rodriquez

E.M.: C.Meredith,B.Kolter, V.Thomas

A.S: K. Schmalzried, A. Schmalzried

Greeters: K. Szczepkowski

           9:30 am  

Proclaimer: D. Franz

E.M.: L.Vervynckt,, J.Corsbie,L.Houin

A.S: J. Nuygen, C. Kerr, J. Chamberlin

Greeters: G. & S. Marks

          11:30 am  

Proclaimer: Jr Burger


A.S: O. Wendel, M. Rader

Greeters:Bill Fortin  

Saturday June 18 2016

             5:00 pm   

Proclaimer: M. Johns


A.S: E. Houin, E. Richards

Greeters:S. Gidley

Sunday June 19, 2016

             7:30 am  

Proclaimer: M. Chippas

E.M.: I.Elizon V.Thomas, K.Roush

A.S: L. Faulstich, M. Schmalzried

Greeters:K. Roush

           9:30 am

Proclaimer: J. Hostetler

E.M.: D.Franz.B.Lowry, A. Lemler

A.S: M. Magee, M. Magee

Greeters:Vicki Meier

For more information contact your scheduler:

Proclaimers –

Madeline Johns, madmaddyj@embarqmail.com

Eucharistic Ministers –

Donna Chaney, dchaney25@hotmail.com

Altar Servers-

Andrea Schmalzried, ashmalzried@yahoo.com

Hospitality Ministers/Greeters –

Maria Figueroa, secretarymf06@gmail.com

For your convenience, hand sanitizer is found through either door of the sanctuary.

Proclaimers: Please wait until the Celebrant is seated before approaching the altar for 1st reading.  Please do not approach ambo for 2nd reading until the Cantor has been seated for 20 – 30 seconds.  Thank  you.                Also, proper Procession lineup is; altar servers, Proclaimer (with Book of Gospels), and then Celebrant (diocesan guidelines).

             11:30 am  

Proclaimer: C. Olivarez

E.M.: B.Wray, M.Sumpter, MKDavis

A.S: K. Verhaeghe, K. Verhaeghe,

Greeter:D. Kraft & R. Wozniak

Saturday June 25, 2016

              5:00 pm

Proclaimer: L. Vervynckt

E.M.:N.Sumpter, T.Greer, L.Houin

A.S.: L. Vervynckt, A. Vervynckt

Greeters:Alice & Vicki Hite

Sunday June 26, 2016

              7:30 am  

Proclaimer: E. Rodriguez

E.M.:C.Lopez, S.Lopez,N.Rodriguez

A.S: K. Kopetski, K. Kopetski

Greeters:C. & S. Lopez

             9:30 am

Proclaimer: D. Chaney

E.M.:J.Loew, J.Corsbie, J.Horvath

A.S: J. Driebelbis, E. Kruyer, K. Kruyer

Greeters:J. Horvath

             11:30 am

Proclaimer:  M. Fortin

E.M.:D.Sikorski, R.Sikorski, J.LaVerdierie

A.S: B. Raymond, C. Raymond, K. Hass

Greeters: Sharie Raymond

Saturday July 2, 2016

                5:00 pm  

Proclaimer: T. Greer

E.M.: T.Campbell, M.Sumpter, C.Meredith

A.S: H. Lemler, I. Lemler

Greeters:Paul Stearns Family

Sunday July 3, 2016

                7:30 am

Proclaimer: M. Chippas


A.S: K. Schmalzried, A. Schmalzried

Greeters:K. Roush

               9:30 am

Proclaimer: J. Davis

E.M.:C.Morrow, B.Lowry, B.Kolter

A.S: B. Schafer, A. Dolan, T. Dolan

Greeters:M. Smith

             11:30 am  

Proclaimer: M. Johns

  E.M.:B.Wray, A.Lemler, L.Houin

A.S: C. Holiday, T. Nuygen,  G. Kerr

Greeters:Bill Fortin